The Hemiptera collection at the FSCA includes a pinned collection consisting of 1,474 drawers (see link below), and several thousand boxes of slides. Some groups, such as psyllids, also have identified material in alcohol.

The pinned collection is rich in specimens from Florida and the Caribbean Basin. Groups that are particularly well-represented include Pentatomoidea, Lygaeoidea, Cicadoidea, Fulgoroidea, Membracidae, and Cicadellidae. The Pentatomoid collection has benefitted tremendously from the generosity and expertise of Dr. Joseph E. Eger, a research associate of the FSCA and a primary authority on the group.  

Similarly, we were fortunate to receive part of the Lygaeoid collection assembled by Dr. Richard M. Baranowski, a former professor at the University of Florida. Dr. Allen Sanborn, Barry University, has contributed many specimens and identifications to our extensive holdings of cicadas. The Fulgoroids have benefited from the expertise of Dr. Lois O’Brien (Research Associate, California Academy of Sciences), Dr. Charles R. Bartlett (University of Delaware), and Dr. Stephen W. Wilson (University of Central Missouri). We have an extensive collection of Melanoliarus (Cixiidae), due to Dr. Frank Mead’s interest in the genus. Our Membracidae, with over 34,000 specimens, have been curated and identified by Mark J. Rothschild, one of the FSCA Resident Research Associates. Dr. Paul Freytag, University of Kentucky, emeritus, has contributed both specimens and expertise to the large collection of Cicadellidae. Finally, we also have an extensive collection of triatomine reduviids, many of which were identified by Dr. Pedro Wygodzinsky, who is the expert on this group.