The earwig collection comprises approximately 3,285 pinned specimens housed in 13 drawers representing 26 genera and 39 species.


Michael D. Hubbard (mhubbard@famu.edu) and Janice G. Peters (wpeters@famu.edu), Curators (FAMU) The FSCA has the world’s largest collection of Ephemeroptera adults and immatures, comprising about 800,000 specimens. The bulk of the collection is housed and curated at the Entomology Collection, Florida A&M University (FAMU), Tallahassee. Major portions of these holdings come from L. Berner, G.F. Edmunds, Jr., and the late W. L. Peters and the FAMU staff.


The termite collection comprises approximately 319 pinned specimens representing five genera and seven species, and some 940 glass vials contain immature and adults.


The Mecopteran at the FSCA form one of the best North American collections of this small order. The scorpion fly collection comprises approximately 5,190 pinned specimens housed in 22 drawers representing 16 genera and 151 species, and 79 primary type specimens for 23 species.


The stoneflies collection comprises approximately 112 pinned specimens housed in four drawers representing 16 genera and 30 species, and over 600 glass vials.


The flea collection comprises approximately 7,000 identified, slide-mounted specimens representing some 66 genera and some 190 species. Major contributors have been A.H. Benton and J.N. Layne.


The caddisflies of the Museum, totaling over 26,000 specimens, are a major North American collection. The caddisflies collection comprises approximately 2,334 pinned specimens housed in 27 drawers representing 47 genera and 128 species. Additional holdings in alcohol are maintained by the Entomology Department (FAMU). The main contributions have come from the collections of W.M. Beck, Jr., B. Mather, and W.L. Peters.


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