Members of this museum support organization are dedicated to the study of the systematics of arthropods (insects, spiders, assorted aquatic organisms, etc.) and to the support of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods (FSCA). They serve by donating their time, expertise, specimens, and library resources to the FSCA. Associates cooperate with the entomology section staff on many types of projects. For example, they conduct studies in the systematics of arthropods, which contribute to our knowledge of and ability to control agricultural, livestock, and human pests. Associates help document and describe the unique fauna of Florida and surrounding areas, and the ecological relationships among its plant, animal, and human communities. The Research Associate Program formally began in 1963. It includes more than 350 members throughout the United States and 15 foreign countries. Its membership includes numerous renowned scientists, as well as many highly capable and industrious amateurs and promising students. Individuals serve as long as they maintain an interest in supporting the program.

Research Associates provide numerous benefits to the FSCA. They have played a major role in the development of FSCA’s physical collections, research files, and library. Specimen donations to the FSCA were valued at about $548,000 per year for the period 1995-1999. Research associates also provide valuable service to the FSCA and the state of Florida by making expert identifications, conducting geographic distribution surveys of arthropods in Florida and publishing their findings in both general interest and scientific journals. The Arthropods of Florida and Neighboring Land Areas series, the Occasional Papers of the Florida State Collection of Arthropods series, and the Entomology Circulars of the Division of Plant Industry, are outlets for publication of research findings by Associates.

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